FDA Issues Voluntary Sodium Reduction Targets

Move by Agency Comes After CSPI Lawsuit

New "Dietary Guidelines" Recommends Less Sugar, Meat

CSPI Praises Specific Recommended Limits on Added Sugars and Saturated Fat at 10 Percent of Calories Each

Taylor Swift: "Shake Off" Aspartame

CSPI Urges Singer to Drop Diet Coke Endorsement Considering Cancer Concerns Around Aspartame

Salty Slices

Pizza Hut Pies Have More Salt in the U.S. than in Other Countries

Menu Labeling

Calorie Counts at Last Coming to Chain Restaurants


CSPI Files Objection to Proposed Vitaminwater Lawsuit Settlement

Save School Lunch

Some members of Congress are playing politics with our children's health by attempting to gut nutrition standards through the appropriations process.

Baby Food Label Bait-and-Switch

CSPI notifies Plum Organics and Gerber of potential lawsuits if deceptive marketing continues.

Read Michael Jacobson's column on Huffington Post

FDA Sodium Reduction Effort Long Time Coming

FDA's announcement that it is releasing draft guidance for industry of voluntary targets for sodium levels in processed and restaurant foods is a modest step forward, albeit an important one.

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