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National Academy of Sciences Report Finds no Food Safety or Human Health Impacts from Genetically Engineered Crops
—May 17, 2016

FDA Approves Fast-Growing Genetically Engineered Salmon
—November 19, 2015

CSPI Welcomes White House Announcement on Biotech Regulation
—July 2, 2015

USDA Announces "non-GMO" Certification Program
—May 15, 2015

IARC Finds Widely Used Glyphosate Herbicide a Probable Carcinogen
—March 21, 2015

FDA Concludes Genetically Engineered Apple and Potato are Safe
—March 20, 2015

USDA Deregulates Genetically Engineered, Browning-resistant "Arctic" Apple
—February 13, 2015

USDA Urged to Limit Impact of Genetically Engineered Crops on Neighboring Farms
—March 20, 2013

EPA Urged to Limit Herbicide Use on Genetically Engineered Crops
—February 4, 2013

CSPI Urges Tougher Oversight of GE Foods in Farm Bill
—November 2, 2012

Too Many Farmers Growing Genetically Engineered Corn Not Complying with Key Environmental Requirements
—November 5, 2009

GAO Calls for Greater Coordination, Monitoring of Genetically Engineered Crops
—December 5, 2008

How Should the Next Administration Address Genetically Engineered Food Animals?
—November 7, 2008

FDA to Announce Rules for Engineered Animals
—September 18, 2008

CSPI on the FDAs Safety Assessment of Food from Cloned Animals
—January 15, 2008

FDA Releases Draft Risk Assessment and Management Plan for Cloned Animals
—December 28, 2006

Agricultural Biotechnology Withering on the Vine, Says CSPI
—February 2, 2005

CSPI Endorses Durbin Bill on GE Foods
—June 17, 2004

Genetic Engineers Back Growing Drugs in Food Crops
—June 2, 2004

Report on Confining GE Organisms Praised
—January 20, 2004

GE Wheat: Is America Ready?
—January 7, 2004

Overplanting Threatens GE Corn Technology
—September 10, 2003

Farmers Overplanting GE Corn
—June 19, 2003

CSPI on Pews Biotech Foods Report
—April 24, 2003

EPA Fine of Biotech Company Praised
—April 23, 2003

USDA Gives Biotech Violator Kid Gloves Treatment
—March 26, 2003

CSPI on EPAs Approval of New GE Corn
—February 25, 2003

CSPI on Genetically Engineered Piglets
—February 6, 2003

CSPI On Transgenic Fish
—January 15, 2003

Plugging The Holes in Biotech Food Safety
—January 7, 2003

The Future of Pharming: Can It Be Done Safely?
—December 30, 2002

Biotechnology Companies Fined for Violating Permit Conditions
—December 12, 2002

CSPI on Possible Permit Violations by ProdiGene
—November 15, 2002

CSPI Hails Durbin Bill On GE Foods; Scientists Petition For Approval Process
—October 11, 2002

CSPI Praises National Academy of Science’ Scientific Analysis on Transgenic Animals
— August 20, 2002

Biotech Companies Broke Law When Planting Crops
— August 13, 2002

Rule On Genetically Engineered Food Stalled At FDA
— May 3, 2002

Genetically Engineered Foods On The Market Appear To Be Safe: Stricter Government Oversight Recommended
— October 22, 2001

CSPI Urges FDA to Halt Misleading ‘Non-genetically Engineered’ Food-label Claims
— August 14, 2001

Poll Shows Broad but Limited Support for Labeling of Bioengineered Foods
— May 16, 2001

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National Opinion Poll on Labeling of Modified Foods
— May 16, 2001

Report: National Opinion Poll on Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods
— May 16, 2001

EPA Urged to Issue Regulations for Biotech Crops
— February 13, 2001

Comment to EPA urging adoption of a new rule on Plant-Incorporated Protectants (genetically engineered pesticidal plants)
— January 19, 2001

Statement on FDA’s Announcement About Genetically Engineered Foods
— January 17, 2001

FDA Announcement on Bioengineered Foods "Step Forward but Not Enough"
— May 3, 2000


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