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The National Alliance to Prevent Underage Drinking is an ad hoc coalition of public health, education, consumer, law enforcement, religious, child and family welfare, substance abuse treatment and prevention, and other national organizations dedicated to building and sustaining a broad societal commitment to reducing underage drinking.

The National Alliance’s goal is: "To support and promote implementation of a comprehensive science-based national strategy to reduce underage drinking" as set forth in the National Academy of Sciences' September, 2003 report to Congress entitled, "Reducing Underage Drinking: A Collective Responsibility.""

The National Alliance is committed to pursuing the following objectives:

• Raising public awareness of the problems associated with underage drinking;
• Educating and engaging diverse constituencies in the promotion of policy reforms aimed at reducing underage drinking and its harms;
• Challenging and transforming attitudes and practices that condone, accept, enable, or encourage underage drinking;
• Educating policy makers about science-based underage drinking research, prevention policies, and programs;
• Serving as a catalyst, at the national level, for underage drinking prevention advocacy;
• Monitoring the effectiveness of federal efforts to address underage drinking;

The National Alliance recognizes that alcohol is a legal drug for those above the minimum legal drinking age. Membership is open to all national organizations that are independent of any ties to commercial interests that benefit from the production, marketing and sale of alcoholic beverages, and that endorse the National Alliance’s statement of purpose. NAPUD will make no representations on behalf of member organizations without the express authorization of each endorsing group. In joining NAPUD, members are simply agreeing to receive and review occasional action alerts, proposed sign-on letters, and updates, and act upon them (or not) as each member sees fit.

NAPUD Launch Letter



Working Together at the Federal Level to Reduce Underage

Drinking and its Harms.

Posted 10 December 2004