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Press Release:  Beware the 'Side' Effects of Alcopops:  Ads in Party Schools' Papers Target High-Calorie Drinks -- 3/18/04

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See the ad [PDF]


Action Alert: Comments Needed to Improve Alcopops Regulation. -- 10/9/03


CSPI's written comments to the TTB on proposed alcopops regulations. [PDF] -- 10/9/03


Press Release:  FTC Report Misses Mark on Alcopops. -- 9/9/03


Call for Comments: The U.S. Treasury Department has called for public comments on the regulation of malternatives. -- 6/6/03

Click here to see the June 2, 2003 Federal Register Announcement. [PDF]

Click here to read the proposed rule changes. [PDF] -- 3/20/03

Corrections to TTB Notice No. 4. [PDF] -- 3/28/03


Press Release: Alcopop Labels Dupe Consumers and Regulators. -- 11/5/02


Letter: CSPI urges BATF Director Bradley Buckles to promulgate rules that correct consumer confusion about alcopops and regulate liquor-branded alcopops as if they were distilled, rather than brewed, alcoholic beverages. [PDF] -- 11/5/02


Survey Results: Data from the July 2002 and October 2002 studies performed by Global Strategy Group questioning adults and teenagers about perceptions of alcopop products. [PDF]


Letter: CSPI asks BATF Director Bradley Buckles to examine the impact of liquor-branded alcopop advertising on underage persons. -- 9/17/02


Press Release:  Kids in the Crosshairs of Big Booze -- July 2002


Press Release:  "Alcopop" Drinks Lure Teens -- May 2001


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