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Action Alert:  House Resolution to Eliminate Alcohol Ads on NCAA Sports Broadcasts -- Contact your U.S. Representative Today! -- 3/25/04


Press Release:  CSPI Applauds House Push to Curb NCAA Alcohol Ads. -- 3/25/04


Press Release:  Beware the 'Side' Effects of Alcopops:  Ads in Party Schools' Papers Target High-Calorie Drinks -- 3/18/04

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See the ad [PDF]


Press Release: Coaching legends help launch "Alcohol-Free Sports TV" effort. -- 11/12/03


Letter: CSPI assails the National Association of State Colleges & Land Grant Universities for selling out mascots.  Exposes Anheuser-Busch conflicts of interest. -- 2/02


HadEnough: A web resource for the "silent majority" of students who don't drink excessively, are fed up with the problems caused by those who do, and most importantly, want to do something about it.


Fact Sheet: Drinking on college campuses -- 3/00


Fact Sheet & Talking Points: Minimum Legal Drinking Age -- 2/98

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