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January 2009: CSPI Comments to Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee on the Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

Letter to Secretary Leavitt:  Support the World Health Assembly's discussions of alcohol problems -- May 10, 2007

Senate Letter to Secretary Leavitt:  Support Global Discussions of alcohol problems -- May 10, 2007

House Letter to Scretary Leavitt :  Support Global Discussions of alcohol problems -- May 10, 2007

Action Alert:  Help Strengthen U.S. Dietary Guidelines on Alcoholic Beverages! -- 3/16/04

CSPI's submitted comments on alcoholic beverage consumption. [PDF]


Action Alert: Urge Feds to Improve Alcohol Beverage Labeling! -- 1/30/04


Press Release: "Alcohol Facts" Label Proposed For Beer, Wine, and Liquor. -- 12/16/03

Click here to read the petition to TTB.


Issue Update:  TTB's New Guidelines Doom Health Claims for Labels and Advertising. -- 3/3/03


FYI: New U.S. guidelines on alcohol consumption drop positive spin on drinking. -- 5/31/00


Update: Alcoholic beverages listed as a known human carcinogen. -- 5/19/00


Comments: To the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee concerning Alcoholic Beverages in Nutrition and Health -- 12/21/98

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