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Statement:  George A. Hacker's statement on the NIAAA-Funded Study Showing Alcohol Ads Contribute to Youth Drinking. -- 1/5/06


Report:  Take a Kid to a Beer: How the NCAA Recruits Kids for the Beer Market. -- 7/27/05

Read the Press Release


Press Release:  CSPI Slams NASCAR Hard-Liquor Deal. -- 11/10/04


Alcohol Advertising Litigation:  This new section explains and provides updates and resources on the class action lawsuits against major alcohol producers. -- 3/8/04


Press Release: Malibu Rum Slammed for Signing Teen-Friendly Shaggy. -- 1/21/04

CSPI Letter to DISCUS Code Review Board [PDF]

CSPI Letter to FTC [PDF]


Update: Air and Space Museum Says Bud Light Plane Not a Problem. -- 11/27/03


Press Release: Smithsonian Accused of Skewing History to Please Anheuser-Busch: CSPI Calls for Restoration of Historic Plane to Its Pre-Bud Glory. [PDF] -- 11/21/03


Update: 20 U.S. Representatives sign letter to remove Bud Light logos from the National Air and Space Museum plane. -- 11/19/03


Action Alert: Help Get Beer Ads Out of the Air and Space Museum! -- 10/31/03


CSPI's written comments to the TTB on proposed alcopops regulations. [PDF] -- 10/09/03


CSPI Testimony at the September 30, 2003 Senate hearing on underage drinking. [PDF] -- 9/30/03


A National Call to Action!  Responding to the NAS Report on Underage Drinking. -- 9/22/03


Statement:  George A. Hacker's statement on NAS' Report to Congress on Underage Drinking. [PDF] -- 9/10/03


New Report:  NAS has released its long-awaited report, "Reducing Underage Drinking: A Collective Responsibility."  Click here for the press release and report. -- 9/9/03


Press Release:  NAS Report Provides Roadmap on Underage Drinking. -- 9/9/03


New Report:  FTC has issued its Report on Alcohol Marketing and Advertising to Congress.  Click here to see the press release and report. -- 9/9/03


Press Release:  FTC Report Misses Mark On Alcopops. -- 9/9/03


CSPI's preview of two key reports to Congress on underage drinking due out next week.  Click here to read more. -- 9/4/03


Statement of George A. Hacker on the Beer Industry's Opposition to Effective Programs to Prevent Underage Drinking. -- 6/6/03


New Article:  A study in the February 26, 2003 issue of JAMA reports that underage and excessive adult alcohol users drink more than half of all alcohol consumed and make up almost half of the consumers who buy alcohol. [PDF]

Statement: George A. Hacker responds to the latest findings. -- 2/26/03


NAS Testimony: Written testimony to the Committee on Developing a Strategy to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking, National Academy of Sciences. -- 11/18/02


Teenagers & Alcopops


Fact Sheet: Alcoholic-Beverage Industry Needs Young Drinkers [PDF]


Fact Sheets: Youth & Alcohol


Fact Sheet: Enforcing underage-drinking laws


Fact Sheet: Minimum Legal Drinking Age


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