Local Television Affiliates Say No to NBC's Hard Liquor Ads

In December, 2001, NBC ended its voluntary ban on hard-liquor ads, becoming the first television network to break with 50 years of a voluntary ban.  Despite NBC's choice to put profits ahead of the welfare of America's youth, many local television stations, including NBC affiliates, continue to refuse ads for hard liquor.  A growing number of NBC affiliates has gone a step farther, by blocking NBC's national network feed of liquor ads as well.  We want to keep track of stations that have taken this responsible action, help publicize their actions, and alert activists of this new advocacy goal.  The stations that have decided to block NBC's network feed of liquor ads include:

  • KARE-TV (Minneapolis, Minnesota)1
  • WBIR-TV (Knoxville, Tennessee)1
  • WCSH-TV (Portland, Maine)2
  • WGRZ-TV (Buffalo, New York)1
  • WJAC-TV (Johnstown, Pennsylvania)3
  • WLBZ-TV (Bangor, Maine)2
  • WKYC-TV (Cleveland, Ohio)4
  • WPXI-TV (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania)3
  • WTOV-TV (Steubenville, Ohio)5
  • KSL-TV (Salt Lake City, Utah)6

What You Can Do In Your Community:

Write, fax or call your local NBC affiliate to express disapproval of NBC’s decision to run liquor ads. Urge the station manager to reject airing liquor ads on the local station and block the NBC feed.  Note: Affiliates owned by NBC may not have this option. [View sample letter to local station managers].  To locate your local NBC affiliate, click here.

Let Us Know What is Happening in Your Community:

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) will maintain a list of local NBC affiliates that have said "no" to NBC's hard liquor ads on television.  Please email us if your station has declined to air hard liquor advertisements and has refused to accept NBC's network feed of those ads.

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Click here to view action alert on broadcast liquor ads.

Updated March 2002